About the Organizer

Exhiference Media, founded in 2021, is a prominent trade fair organizer in India. In the past three years, they have successfully organized two international events, with their most renowned exhibition being the IFFE (Indian Foundry Forging, Machine Tool Exhibition). IFFE is considered one of India’s premier exhibitions for the foundry, forging, and machine tools industry.

Mr. Rohit Patel, the Founder & Managing Director of Exhiference Media, is the mastermind behind the highly esteemed IFFE. With extensive experience in marketing and trade fair organization, Mr. Patel has successfully orchestrated and promoted various industry events, facilitating business connections and fostering growth across multiple sectors.

In 2021, Exhiference Media organized IFFE at the NSIC Ground, 80 ft Road, Nr. Aji GIDC, Rajkot, Gujarat, India, from 28th to 30th September. The event was a resounding success, attracting more than 9,300 business visitors and featuring the participation of over 85 exhibitors. The visitors generated over 5,700 business inquiries during the exhibition. The exhibitors expressed their complete satisfaction with Exhiference Media’s management, as the event was organized to meet international standards and provided a conducive atmosphere.

Building on the tremendous success of IFFE 2021 in Rajkot, Exhiference Media organized IFFE 2022 at the Ghatge Patil Exhibition Centre, Gate No. 335, Maner Mala, Uchgaon, Tal-karveer, Kolhapur 416005, from 19th to 21st November 2022. The exhibition held in Kolhapur witnessed remarkable achievements, with over 9,300 business visitors and the participation of more than 140 exhibitors. Once again, the exhibitors expressed their utmost satisfaction with Exhiference Media’s exceptional event management.

Overall, Exhiference Media has established itself as a leading trade fair organizer in India, renowned for their successful organization of the IFFE exhibition. They have consistently provided a platform for businesses to connect and thrive, contributing to the growth of various sectors.

Message From Rohit Patel


Excellence is a Habit not an act. At Exhiference Media excellence is not a singular act this is what we repeatedly do.  Exhiference Media emphasizes their commitment to excellence and making a measurable impact in all their endeavours. The success of Exhiference Media is tied to the success of their clients, indicating a client-centric approach.

We work on a principal; We are not successful until our clients are.


As an organization that embraces corporate responsibility, we think carefully about how to invest in society today to make sure there will be a business context where both we and society can thrive tomorrow and long into the future. We can only grow if the economy and society are strong. So we must continually find ways to intersect what we do well with what society needs. In this way, we help the people we employ, the companies we serve, and the communities in which we operate to achieve their potential fully – in both the short and long term.

We call it “ M² ”
Making it Possible– supporting new entrepreneurs as they create opportunity

Making a difference – developing skills to make sure the next generation has the skills it needs to make a positive impact.

Our mission is to maintain a win-win business relationship with our customers by implementing a professional and accomplished work environment. In order to turn our mission into reality, we focus on constant development and up-gradation, employee empowerment, product and method innovation, and world-class supply chain strategies with a view to maximizing quality exhibitors and visitors.

VALUES: Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our organisation. They guide our actions and behaviour. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.

Excellence: We provide something “extra” whenever possible.
Commitment: Consistency, honesty, and accuracy are keys to keeping our promises and earning confidence.

Responsibility: We take full responsibility for our actions.