Participating in the IFFE 2024 Expo, especially for businesses in the foundry industry within the Kolhapur cluster, offers a multitude of compelling reasons, as outlined below

1. Showcase Expertise:: IFFE 2024 provides an excellent platform to showcase the expertise and capabilities of Kolhapur’s foundry industry, which is a major player in India’s foundry sector, contributing significantly to global castings production.

2. Networking Opportunities:: IFFE brings together industry professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from all over the world. This creates a conducive environment for networking and building meaningful relationships. You can connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

3. Market Expansion:: Participation in IFFE 2024 exposes businesses to a diverse audience, enabling them to explore new domestic and international markets. With nearly 30% of production already being exported, this is a golden opportunity to expand export channels.

4. Technology Showcase:: The foundry industry in Kolhapur predominantly uses conventional sand casting production methods. IFFE 2024 is a platform to explore modernization opportunities, learn about the latest technologies, and identify energy-efficient alternatives to reduce production costs.

5. Energy Efficiency Solutions:: Given the energy-intensive nature of the foundry processes in Kolhapur, the expo can serve as an ideal place to discover innovative energy-efficient solutions, machinery, and equipment that can significantly reduce energy consumption and operational costs

6. International Exposure:: Participating in IFFE 2024 exposes businesses to international best practices, quality standards, and emerging trends in the foundry industry, enabling them to stay competitive on a global scale.

7. Learning and Training:: The expo often features seminars, workshops, and technical sessions where industry experts share insights and knowledge. Attendees can benefit from these educational opportunities to enhance their skills and stay updated on industry advancements.

8. Cost Savings:: By exploring new technologies and efficiency measures showcased at the expo, businesses can potentially reduce production costs and improve their overall competitiveness in the market.

9. Government and Industry Support:: The foundry industry in Kolhapur may find government incentives and industry support through IFFE 2024, such as information on subsidies, grants, or policy changes that can benefit their operations.

10. Brand Visibility:: Participation in a prestigious event like IFFE 2024 enhances brand visibility and reputation, portraying businesses as industry leaders committed to innovation and excellence.

In summary, IFFE 2024 offers Kolhapur’s foundry industry a unique opportunity to network, learn, modernize, and expand their market presence. It’s a platform where businesses can explore solutions to their challenges, connect with industry leaders, and position themselves for sustainable growth and success.



Industry Gallery

Exhibition Stall option

bare space

Bare Space

9000 +tax rate / sqm

(Min 18 sq. mt.)


shell scheme

Shell Space

10000+tax rate / sqm

01) Display Table

02) Chairs

03) Lights

01) Dustbin

Exhibition's Location

Exhibitor Registration

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