Exhibiting at the International Building Automation Exhibition and Conference (IBAEC) in 2024 offers numerous benefits for businesses in the building automation industry. Here are some compelling reasons to participate in this prestigious event:

Showcasing cutting-edge technologies: IBAEC is known for featuring the latest advancements in smart home and office automation, fire safety, security, surveillance, smart lighting, and other related fields. Exhibiting at this event allows companies to present their innovative products and solutions to a highly targeted audience, gaining recognition as industry leaders and attracting potential customers.

Access to a diverse range of products and services: As an exhibitor at IBAEC, you have the opportunity to explore a wide array of products and services offered by other participants. This allows you to gain valuable insights into the industry, identify potential collaborations or partnerships, and stay updated on the latest trends and developments.

Discovering new products and emerging markets: The exhibition provides a platform for businesses to discover new products, technologies, and solutions that can enhance their offerings or expand their market reach. Additionally, IBAEC attracts international attendees, providing exposure to emerging markets and the chance to explore potential business opportunities beyond traditional markets.

Networking and building relationships: The IBAEC Show brings together industry-leading manufacturers, suppliers, and key decision-makers from around the world. By exhibiting at this event, you can connect with potential clients, partners, and industry experts, fostering valuable relationships that can lead to future collaborations, business partnerships, or sales opportunities.

Enhancing brand visibility and credibility: Participating in a well-established and reputable exhibition like IBAEC significantly boosts your brand’s visibility and credibility within the building automation industry. Being present at such an event demonstrates your commitment to innovation, showcases your expertise, and validates your position as a trusted player in the market.

Access to educational resources and industry insights: IBAEC features an extensive conference program with seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches conducted by industry experts and thought leaders. Attending these sessions allows exhibitors to expand their knowledge, gain insights into emerging trends, and stay informed about the latest industry regulations and best practices.

Generating leads and sales: The exhibition provides a focused environment where exhibitors can engage with potential customers who are actively seeking solutions and innovations in the building automation sector. By showcasing your products, conducting demonstrations, and offering personalized consultations, you can generate high-quality leads and convert them into sales.

In conclusion, exhibiting at the International Building Automation Exhibition and Conference 2024 offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your products, connect with industry leaders, gain market insights, and expand your business. It enables you to strengthen your brand presence, generate leads, and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving building automation industry.


Smart Building Automation Solutions / Smart Building IOT

  • Smart Lighting Control System.
  • Smart Switches and Switchgear
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Human Centric Lights
  • Power Management and Backup
  • Smart ioT
  • Wireless Switches & Routers.
  • HVAC and Climate Control.
  • Smart Elevator And Escalator
  • Decorative Architectural lights
  • Building Networking Components
  • Home Appliance Control Systems
  • Parking Systems
  • Universal Remotes & User Interface.
  • Smart Door & Window Control Systems
  • Center and long-distance control systems
  • Multimedia & Broadcast Systems
  • Curtain & Window Systems
  • Smart Elevators.
  • Computer Automation Software

Smart Building Safety, Security, Surveillance And Fire Protection Systems

  • Sensors Door & Window
  • Building Monitoring Kit
  • Smart IP Cameras
  • Smart Alarm Systems & Fire Control Systems
  • Security Control System
  • Identification, Access Control System
  • Automatic Door and accessories.
  • Application based Security & Monitoring
  • Fire Extinguishing System
  • Fingerprint Door Lock
  • Wireless Portable Intercom
  • Smart Surveillance Solutions
  • Smoke Control & Evacuation Systems

Water Facility Management & Smart Pool

  • Water Tank Monitoring & Control Unit
  • Water Consumption Analysis
  • Smart Toilet, Bathrooms, Sensor Enabled Shower, Bathtub & all
  • Steam, Saunas, Jacuzzi Solution
  • Smart pool Lighting Systems.
  • Smart Pool Healing And Cleaning Systems
  • Smart pool alarm Systems and Timers

Smart Elevators and Escalators

  • Smart Passenger Lift
  • Smart Goods Lift
  • Smart Elevator Equipments

Building Energy Management

  • Power Electricals
  • Solar Energy
  • Smart electrical Cables and Wires
  • Transformer
  • Smart Meters

Smart Video and Audio

  • Smart Speakers & Soundbars
  • Smart home Theater components
  • Motorized Screens
  • High End Home Cinema systems

Parking Management

Smart Plumbing and Sanitary ware

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